BOE Huntress

I started to experiment

I have always loved the recording and production process. I lose all sense of time and enter the flow state. This in itself makes it a worthwhile thing to do. I was having a lot of fun when I made these songs. I was hunting for the kind of mystical outfits that communicate their essence.

Each of these songs is inspired by a myth. The songs from 'A Female Power' became an immersive show about four female deities from various cultures around the world, little known goddesses, the kind of women it would serve us to know. I'll be talking about Inanna (Iraq), Mama Quilla (Incan/Peru), Bast (Egypt), Sedna (Inuit) in my podcast that comes out in February 2019.

Medusa is a Libyan goddess who was adopted by the Greeks when they colonised Libya in 600BC, as such the myth we know sums up the colonisation of history itself, pushing patriarchal themes. The songs on the Medusa EP explore my understanding of the true Medusa, as revealed to me in my own experience, which I'll be talking about in the podcast!

I produced the EPs with the exceptionally talented Neeta Sarl, and would like to thank Neeta (keys, drums), Bel Ehresmann (bass), John Garner (strings) and Aletta Dina (drums) for their contributions.

A Female Power
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