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Thirteen Queens Women's Group

An online women's group, meeting every full moon and new moon

What is it to live a ritual life? Have you always wanted to do something to mark the full and new moons?

Some cultures used to set their calendars by the moons, marking each season and stage of the year. We have lost this way and fixed our calendar into twelve months instead of thirteen. This is some kind of return to the Thirteen Moons as a marker of time. 

With each moon I have an associated archetype. These are personal to me, and have developed from the four archetypes - Warrior, Mother, Shaman, Lover - transmitted to me by Elisabeth Serra, based on Jungian depth psychology. Each archetype relates to a season, element, direction, stage in the menstrual cycle, and stage in the life cycle. I have fleshed the four out into Thirteen Archetypes, as there is so much in each one. Each Archetype focuses on specific aspects:

WARRIOR ARCHETYPES (Fire, East, Spring, Pre-ovulation, Maiden)
1. Sunhaa - Boundaries, Vision, Will, Life-force
2. Oceta - Courage (feeling fear), Devotion to ones path, Commitment
3. Cliea - Truth-speaking, Clear seeing and Communication

MOTHER ARCHETYPES (Earth, North, Summer, Ovulation, Mid-life)
4. Boubeia ~ Abundance, Beauty, Celebration of self, Being Seen
5. Noonya ~ Unconditional love, Acceptance of wounded/unconscious parts, Integration
6. Kamm ~ Creatrix, Inner freedom, Sovereignty, Holding Paradox

SHAMAN ARCHETYPES (Air, West, Autumn, Pre-menstrual, Menopause)
7. Amethesia ~ Priestess, Witch, Magician, Shapeshifter
8. Wutu ~ Wise Woman, Trickster, Dreammaker, Seer, Oracle
9. Gedwin ~ Medial being, Gateway to death/birth, Connection to other realms

LOVER ARCHETYPES (Water, South, Winter, Menstruation, Elder/Death/Birth)
10. Isari ~ Surrender, Eroticism, Pleasure, Receptivity
11. Desyr ~ Deep feeling, Vulnerability, Emotion
12. Ashres ~ Emptiness, The Void, Freedom

WHOLE WOMAN (In the centre)
13. Essena ~ The essential self, She who is being revealed

What is it to work with archetypes? How do we learn from and embody them? How do we welcome their wisdom into our lives? 

Each Full Moon I will guide a transmission from the archetype of that moon. We'll be welcoming aspects from that archetype using movement and imagination. Every New Moon we'll share about where we're at with the archetype and how it relates to our lives. We'll have time to welcome the new and release the old, as part of the death/birth doorway of the New Moon. 


As much as possible we will meet on the actual Full and New Moon. This means our dates will be on different days of the week. 

Commitment - It's advised to join all sessions for all Thirteen Moons, the archetypes are different faces of one whole and it's good to get the balance of all of them. However, I do understand that it's hard to commit to something for a year, especially in these unknown times. Therefore the groups will open and close every 6 weeks, meaning you sign up for 6 sessions at a time. The first session can be used as a 'taster' and after that you then commit for the following five sessions. 

All sessions are 7.00pm - 8.30pm (UK time) on the following dates:

Round One - Warrior
April 8th - Sunhaa Full Moon
April 23rd - New Moon
May 7th - Oceta Full Moon
May 22nd - New Moon
June 5th - Cliea Full Moon
June 21st - New Moon

Round Two - Mother
July 5th - Boubeia Full Moon
July 20th - New Moon
August 3rd - Noonya Full Moon
August 19th - New Moon
Sept 3rd - Kamm Full Moon
Sept 17th - New Moon

Round Three - Shaman
Oct 1st - Amethesia Full Moon
Oct 16th - New Moon
Nov 1st - Wutu Full Moon
Nov 15th - New Moon
Nov 30th - Gedwin Full Moon
Dec 14th - New Moon

Round Four - Lover
Dec 30th - Isari Full Moon
Jan 13th - New Moon
Jan 28th - Desyr Full Moon
Feb 11th - New Moon
Feb 28th - Ashres Full Moon
Mar 13th - New Moon

Integration and Closing
Mar 28th - Essena Full Moon
April 12th - New Moon

If you have to miss a session, all sessions will be recorded and sent to you, although it's advised that you experience them live, as they'll be interactive. 

Cost - Each session costs £10. When you sign up for the six weeks you pay regardless of whether you join the call or not - all calls will be available to you. If the price is prohibitive for you please let me know, there will be a few lower cost places available. 

To book your place send me a message to and a £10 deposit (details on request).

If you're male and/or unable to join the group I will be sharing more about the archetypes on my Patreon group here

Much love and looking forward to sharing something precious with you, which has, so far only been personal and internal to me.

Boe x

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